Saakshi Medtech and Panels IPO: An In-Depth Review of Prospects and Pitfall 

1. Introduction  Saakshi Medtech and Panels is set to launch its Initial Public Offering on September 25, 2023.  In this Story, we'll dissect the Saakshi Medtech and Panels IPO, examining its potential and pitfalls. 

2. About Saakshi Medtech and Panels  Established in 2009, Saakshi Medtech and Panels Limited offers comprehensive solutions, from design to manufacturing.  It operates in various sectors, including Electrical Control Panels, Medical X-ray Systems, Fabrication for locomotives, and Wire harness division. 

3. Industry Overview  Saakshi Medtech and Panels operate in an industry with promising growth. The Indian electrical equipment market is expected to reach $33.74 billion by 2025.  The government's 'Vision Plan 2030' aims to boost infrastructure development.

4. Financials  Reviewing the financials, Saakshi Medtech and Panels have seen substantial asset growth over the last three years, but it relies heavily on trade receivables and inventory.  While revenues have doubled from FY21 to FY23, the net profit margin remains at approximately 10%. 

5. Competitors & SWOT Analysis   Unlike its peers, Saakshi Medtech and Panels has a diversified product range, established client relationships, in-house design capabilities, and quality assurance accreditation.  However, its dependence on key customers and regional concentration poses risks. 

6. GMP and Key IPO Information   As of September 22, 2023, Saakshi Medtech and Panels' shares traded at a 30.93% premium in the grey market.  The IPO, with a price band of ₹92 to ₹97 per share, is set to open on September 25, 2023. 

 7. Conclusion and Future Outlook Saakshi Medtech and Panels IPO offers investors a diversified portfolio but struggles with profit margins.  The future holds potential, but it comes with challenges. Are you considering this IPO? Share your thoughts in the comments.