Canada's Role in the Khalistani Movement 

Canada's Geopolitical Significance Canada, known for its vast landscapes and multicultural society, has recently gained attention as a hub for the Khalistani movement. This movement seeks to establish an independent Sikh state called Khalistan, separate from India. What makes Canada a unique setting for this movement?

1. Geography Canada is the second-largest country in the world by land area, with a relatively small population. This vast, sparsely populated land provides an advantageous backdrop for separatist movements like Khalistan.

2. Sikh Population:  Canada is home to a significant Sikh population, particularly in British Columbia, where over 200,000 Sikhs make up 4.6% of the population. In total, Canada hosts more than 770,000 Sikhs, about 2% of its population. 

3. Political Influence:  Sikhs in Canada hold political sway, with significant representation in the Canadian Parliament. For instance, Ontario contributes 10 Sikh MPs out of 121, and Sikhs make up 5.33% of the Canadian Parliament.

4. Influence of Jagmeet Singh:  Prominent Canadian politician Jagmeet Singh has been linked to the Khalistani movement, adding complexity to the issue. His position within the New Democratic Party allows him to exert pressure on the Canadian government.

In summary, Canada's unique combination of geography, Sikh population, and political influence has made it a focal point for the Khalistani movement. Understanding these factors is crucial for comprehending the movement's prominence in Canada.