5 Smart Retirement Investments for Your 20s 

1. Retirement Investment: Your Financial Freedom   To enjoy compounding's magic, start investing early. The biggest mistake in your 20s is delaying investments.  Experts say youth should follow a financial plan. Invest systematically for profits instead of leaving money in bank accounts. 

2. Mutual Funds  Consider mutual funds for your 20s. They offer diversification, expert management, and various investment options.  Invest in equity mutual funds, pooling money to diversify stock investments. Choose funds with good track records and low fees.  

3. Sovereign Gold Bonds  Gold is an inflation hedge. Invest in Sovereign Gold Bonds issued by the Indian government.  They pay fixed interest rates and offer tax benefits. These bonds can appreciate with gold prices. 

4. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)  Real estate investment is practical for retirement planning in India.  REITs allow you to invest in a diverse portfolio of income-generating real estate assets, offering rental income as dividends. 

5. Stocks  Stocks offer high returns but come with higher risks. Invest in promising companies and diversify your portfolio for stability.   

6. Fixed Income Securities  Fixed-income options like bonds, fixed deposits, and dividend-paying stocks add stability to your portfolio.  Consider long-term mutual funds for steady returns. 

 7. Conclusion  In your 20s, build a strong financial foundation for retirement. Whether you choose mutual funds, gold, real estate, stocks, or fixed income, start early and consult experts. Disclaimer: Views are of individual analysts, not BizMajesty. Seek certified advice before investing.