2023 Aviation Industry Insights: Navigating Asia's Aircraft Recovery 

In the wake of Aviation Week's MRO Asia-Pacific event, we delve into the recovery journey of aviation in the Asia-Pacific region. As we navigate the skies, we'll explore indexed flight hours, the impact of COVID-19, and the recent developments in China and India's aviation sectors.

Asia-Pacific Aviation Asia-Pacific operators faced a prolonged struggle to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Utilization hovered just below 90%, with extended travel restrictions hindering intra-regional flights. But what about China?

China's Resilience  China's operators exhibited remarkable resilience. Their vast domestic network allowed for a quick recovery, even in 2020. However, challenges like a slow vaccine rollout and regional lockdowns created a rollercoaster effect. Learn how China is bouncing back.

China's Bold Move  In December 2022, China abandoned its zero-COVID policy, sparking a significant change. The nation is now on a trajectory to surpass 2019 utilization levels by almost 35% as of August 2023. Explore the implications of this bold move.

India's Utilization Journey  India's operators witnessed a mix of ups and downs in their utilization trends. While 2022 brought some relief, there's a new set of challenges on the horizon that aren't COVID-related. Let's take a closer look.

Pratt & Whitney's Engine Issue  One of India's current challenges is the durability issue plaguing Pratt & Whitney's PW1000 (GTF) engines. This issue has resulted in flight cancellations, impacting operators and contributing to the demise of GoAir. Discover how this issue is affecting India's aviation sector.

The Road Ahead  Despite the hurdles, India's aviation sector remains optimistic. With a large outstanding order book and the resilience of operators, there's hope for continued growth in utilization. As Asia-Pacific navigates its aviation recovery, the skies hold promise for brighter days ahead.