Top AI Tools for Students: Must-Try, Budget-Friendly Picks in 2024

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Among the top AI tools for students, ChatGPT offers versatile content generation, while Grammarly ensures flawless writing. QuillBot aids in paraphrasing, and CopyAI assists in content creation. Additionally, provides transcription services, and Google Bard aids in creative writing. These tools, along with others like Tutor AI and Slidesgo, offer invaluable support for students' academic endeavors, often at no cost.

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In the dynamic world of education, AI tools for students have revolutionized the way students learn. As you navigate your academic journey, having access to the right resources is crucial. In 2024, numerous AI tools for students cater specifically to their needs, offering innovative solutions to streamline various tasks. 


This guide presents the top 20 AI tools for students, covering writing assistance, study aids, research facilitation, presentation refinement, and productivity enhancement. Let’s delve into these tools to unlock their potential in optimizing your learning experience.


Here is a curated list of the top AI tools for students, specifically designed to enhance student learning and academic success.


20 Best AI Tools For Students At A Glimpse (2024)


1.  ChatGpt


ChatGPT, a helpful AI tool, assists you in writing assignments, brainstorming ideas, and even explaining coding concepts. Imagine having a smart companion aiding you in your tasks, simplifying your studies. 


For instance, you can ask ChatGPT to explain complex topics like the Theory of Relativity, and it will provide a clear explanation. Plus, it’s all free!


Theory of Relativity Essay: A comprehensive analysis of Einstein's groundbreaking theory, explaining the relationship between space, time, and gravity.

2. CopyAI


Looking for an easy way to write essays and assignments? CopyAI is the solution! It helps you generate precise content for emails, case studies, short stories, and more. Try it out and boost your writing skills effortlessly! Whether you’re struggling with writer’s block or just need some inspiration, CopyAI is here to help you ace your academic writing tasks. 


For example, if you’re stuck on how to start your next essay, CopyAI can provide you with engaging opening paragraphs to kickstart your writing process.


Essay writing service UK - professional writers providing high-quality essays for students by using Copy AI

3. Grammarly


Struggling with grammar and spelling errors in your assignments? Grammarly, the go-to AI tool for students, is your lifesaver! With its powerful AI algorithm, Grammarly offers real-time suggestions for improving your grammar, spelling, and writing style


Whether you’re crafting an essay or sending an email, AI tools for students like Grammarly ensure your writing is error-free. Plus, you can easily integrate Grammarly into your browser with its Chrome extension, allowing you to check your writing wherever you go. 


For example, if you’re unsure about using a comma correctly, Grammarly can provide instant feedback to help you learn and improve.


This Images is showing, Grammerly works


Additionally, you can harness Grammarly’s generative AI feature to enhance your writing and generate high-quality content.


This Images is showing, Grammerly work generative AI is working

4. QuillBot


Struggling to find the right words? QuillBot is here to help! As an impressive paraphrasing tool, QuillBot uses AI to rephrase your content into professional and refined language. Whether you’re writing an essay or crafting an email, QuillBot can assist you in expressing your ideas clearly and concisely. 


Unlike Grammarly, which focuses on grammar and spelling correction, QuillBot emphasizes rephrasing and paraphrasing to enhance the quality of your writing. For example:


Original sentence: “The students went to the library to borrow some books for their research project.


QuillBot paraphrased the sentence: “The students visited the library to borrow books for their study assignment.


This Image is showing about How Quillbot is working


With AI tools for students like QuillBot, you can effortlessly transform your writing, making it more polished and engaging for your readers.


5. Upword


Struggling to summarize lengthy lectures or articles? Upword has your back! This AI-notes and summarization tool, available as a Chrome extension, condenses web pages and YouTube videos into concise summaries for easy reading. Boost your productivity by generating AI notes effortlessly!

For example, imagine you’re researching a complex topic online. With AI Tools for Students like Upward, you can quickly summarize key points from multiple sources to create comprehensive study notes in no time. 


TED Talk by Tim Urban called "Inside the mind of a master procrastinator"

Tim Urban: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | TED 


Additionally, Upword highlights important sentences or phrases within the webpage itself, visually shortening the text and focusing your attention on the most crucial information. 


6. Tutor AI


Looking for personalized tutoring tailored to your learning style? Tutor AI has you covered! Simply enter a topic of your choice, and within minutes, you’ll have access to a comprehensive course with in-depth modules. Dive into lessons with relevant content and helpful options like examples and quizzes.


For instance, if you’re finding calculus challenging, AI tools for students such as Tutor AI can offer step-by-step explanations and practice problems tailored to enhance your comprehension.


Showing How Tutor AI is working & helping to calculate calculus,



Showing How Tutor AI is working & helping to calculate calculus,

7. Doctrina AI


Doctrina AI revolutionizes learning with AI algorithms that summarize notes, and generate essays, quizzes, and exams on any topic. With its Free Notes Generator, simply enter the class name and topics discussed to create comprehensive notes. Need quiz questions? Doctrina AI’s Quiz Generator offers insightful questions tailored to your difficulty level.


For instance, if you’re studying history, Doctrina AI can generate notes summarizing key events and figures, as well as quizzes to test your knowledge. Whether you’re preparing for exams or enhancing your understanding of complex subjects, Doctrina AI streamlines the learning process for optimal results.


Showing in Image how Doctrina ai working, how there short class notes working

In Doctrina AI, students can leverage AI Tools for Students to effortlessly generate quizzes simply by providing book details. This feature streamlines exam preparation, offering a seamless way to enhance study sessions. See how it works in the image below.


generate quizzes by providing book details in doctrina ai


Submit: ( Result)
generate quizzes result


8. Stepwise Math

Struggling with math? Stepwise Math is here to guide you through every problem! This intelligent system identifies areas of struggle and provides step-by-step solutions tailored to your needs. Whether it’s algebra, geometry, or calculus, Stepwise Math helps you improve your skills and ace your exams.


For example, if you’re having trouble with solving equations, AI Tools for Students like Stepwise Math breaks down each step and provides explanations along the way. With its intuitive feedback and customized learning curve, you’ll gain confidence in your math abilities in no time.

9. AskCodi


Feeling stuck with coding? AskCodi is your go-to AI-powered coding assistant! Whether you need help generating code, understanding complex concepts, or debugging errors, AskCodi simplifies programming and development for you. With its conversational chatbot interface, you can ask questions in natural language and receive code solutions instantly.


For instance, when faced with challenges such as implementing a sorting algorithm in Python, the best AI tools for engineering students like AskCodi can be a lifesaver. 


Simply articulate your coding issue to AskCodi, and it will promptly furnish you with the requisite code snippets along with detailed explanations. AskCodi’s AI Tools for Students are seamlessly integrated to enhance your learning experience.


Showing the use case of AskCodi

10. Hocoos


Need a website for your project or blog? Hocoos AI Website Builder has got you covered! By answering a few simple questions about your site’s purpose and design preferences, Hocoos generates a fully customized website in minutes. With its AI-powered writing assistant, you can edit content effortlessly for a professional finish.


For instance, if you’re a student showcasing your portfolio for potential employers, AI Tools for Students like Hocoos help you create a visually appealing website with relevant content to impress recruiters. Whether it’s for academic projects or personal ventures, Hocoos makes website building a breeze! 


First, determine the type of website you wish to create. Tailor your response accordingly, and your website will eventually materialize.


How Hocoos aI making webiste


Output: ( Website is ready In just less than 50 seconds.)


Output of Hocoos

11. Google Bard, ( Gemini )

Looking for reliable information and assistance? Google Bard, also known as Gemini, is your ultimate AI chatbot! With its vast database and real-time data access, it provides accurate answers and summaries on various topics. From researching the latest data to generating concise content, Google Bard simplifies learning and information gathering.


For example, if you’re working on a research paper about climate change, Google Bard can fetch up-to-date information and summarize key findings from scientific articles and reports. Whether you’re a student, researcher, or curious individual, AI Tools for Students like Google Bard serve as your trusted companion for knowledge acquisition.


Showing the working of Google Bard

12. Slidesgo


Need to create captivating presentations effortlessly? Slidesgo is your ultimate AI tool! With its extensive library of professionally designed templates, it transforms your content into engaging slideshows in no time. Whether for school projects, business pitches, or academic presentations, Slidesgo simplifies the design process and enhances your visual storytelling.


For example, if you’re working on a project about encouraging creativity in high school, Slidesgo offers themed templates with relevant graphics and layouts. 


Slidesgo offers themed templates


Simply add your content, and Slidesgo will do the rest, making your presentation stand out with minimal effort. With AI Tools for Students, Slidesgo takes your presentations to the next level, ensuring that your work is not only visually captivating but also intellectually stimulating.

13. Canva


Looking to design eye-catching graphics and presentations effortlessly? Canva is your go-to AI tool! With its user-friendly interface and vast library of templates, Canva simplifies the design process for students, educators, and professionals alike.


For instance, if you’re creating a poster to promote a school event, AI tools for students like Canva offers a variety of pre-designed templates tailored to different themes and purposes. You have a professional-looking poster ready to print or share online.


Canva Templates


Whether you’re designing social media posts, presentations, flyers, or infographics, Canvas intuitive features, and AI-powered design suggestions make it a valuable tool for unleashing your creativity and bringing your ideas to life.

14. Fotor


Are you looking to enhance your visual content effortlessly? Fotor is the perfect AI tool for you! With its advanced AI capabilities, Fotor transforms text prompts into stunning artwork, making it ideal for students, designers, and creators alike. Whether you’re designing graphics for presentations, posters, or social media, Fotor unleashes your creativity with ease.


Website pic of Fotor


For instance, suppose you’re a student working on a poster for a science project, AI Tools for Students like Fotor come to the rescue. Its AI-driven design capabilities empower you to craft captivating visuals that adeptly convey your research discoveries. Boasting a user-friendly interface and boundless creative options, Fotor stands out as the ultimate companion for enhancing your visual content.


15. ChatPDF


Need quick answers from your PDF documents? ChatPDF has you covered! This AI tool analyzes PDFs, providing answers to your questions in real time via chat. Perfect for students and researchers, it streamlines the process of finding information, resolving doubts, and understanding complex concepts.


For instance, envision yourself preparing for an exam and possessing a PDF textbook. AI Tools for Students like ChatPDF can streamline your studying process. By effortlessly uploading the document and posing inquiries on any subject matter, you can enhance your comprehension or locate particular details swiftly.


Say goodbye to tedious page-flipping or endless scrolling; ChatPDF stands out as the premier choice for swift and precise aid with PDF documents, offering students unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in their academic pursuits.


ChatPDF example

You only need to upload a PDF, and then you can effortlessly ask questions using ChatPDF.

16. Natural Readers


Need text transformed into speech? Natural Readers has got you covered! This AI platform converts text into lifelike speech, making it perfect for students, professionals, and anyone on the go. Simply choose your preferred AI voice and style, then sit back and listen as your text comes to life.


For example, imagine you’re a student with a long article to read for class. Instead of straining your eyes, you can simply paste the text into Natural Readers and listen to it while you go about your day. It’s like having a personal assistant read to you!


Working of Natural Readers


With its human-like voice and customizable options, AI Tools for Students like Natural Readers is the ultimate tool for turning text into speech effortlessly.

17. Open AI Playground


Looking to explore the power of AI? Open AI Playground is your gateway to understanding and experimenting with cutting-edge artificial intelligence models. This interactive platform offers a range of tools and resources for both beginners and experts alike.


For example, you can test prompts to generate responses from advanced language models, such as GPT-3. You can also learn about AI concepts, explore API interactions, and prototype your own AI-driven ideas.


Usefullness of Open AI Playground


Whether you’re a student curious about AI or a developer looking to innovate, Open AI Playground provides a sandbox environment for learning and experimentation. 



Need to transcribe your lectures or meetings? is your solution! This AI-powered tool offers real-time transcription and note-taking, making it ideal for students, professionals, and anyone needing to accurately capture spoken information. transcribing your lectures or meetings


Whether you’re attending classes, conducting interviews, or participating in meetings, helps you stay organized and focused by providing reliable transcriptions and notes. With AI tools for students like, say goodbye to manual note-taking and hello to effortless recording!

19. Kickresume

Preparing for a job interview? Kickresume can help you craft a professional resume effortlessly! Simply answer a few questions via chat to customize your resume from various templates. With an AI Writer feature, it refines your profile section for a polished presentation.


Kickresume making Resume


For instance, imagine you’re applying for your dream job and need to create a standout resume. With Kickresume, you can choose from a library of templates, answer a few questions about your background and experience, and voila! 


Kickresume also provides job interview questions and career advice, making it a valuable resource for job seekers. While the free plan has limitations, it’s still a handy tool for building a professional resume. With AI Tools for Students integrated seamlessly, say goodbye to resume-writing stress and hello to Kickresume!

20. QuizGecko


QuizGecko offers AI-powered quizzes for various subjects, making learning enjoyable. Whether studying history, math, science, or literature, QuizGecko covers it all. It’s perfect for students, educators, and content creators, offering personalized quizzes and engaging challenges. 


GRhiBqc RJmTHu3D JP8ICHMr Y2KV84ExecrJ4xI9




Output of QuizGecko


Say goodbye to traditional studying and hello to interactive learning with QuizGecko!


In conclusion, the landscape of education has been significantly transformed by AI tools, offering students innovative solutions to enhance their learning experience. The top 20 AI tools for students in 2024 cover a wide range of functionalities, including writing assistance, learning aids, presentation design, academic research facilitation, and productivity enhancement. 

Embracing these AI Tools for Students provides personalized support tailored to students’ needs, ultimately optimizing their academic success. These AI-powered resources open up new avenues for interactive learning and empower students to excel in their academic endeavors. Say goodbye to traditional studying methods and embrace the future of education with these cutting-edge AI Tools for Students.

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